When a Death Occurs

Few of us are aware of the many practical things that need to be done when a death occurs. This section has been prepared to give helpful information on the various matters facing relatives and executors.

It is not possible to cover all details and situations, but we do hope you will contact us if there is any detail on which you require further explanation.

When the death occurs at home

The first person to contact is the deceased’s doctor and once the doctor has attended you may then call the funeral director. If the cause of death is quite clear the doctor will issue a medical certificate of cause of death.

It is usual to obtain the certificate from the doctor’s surgery but please do call the surgery to arrange this.

When the death occurs in a hospital

When a death takes place in hospital it is usual to contact either the bereavement office or the ward to arrange to collect the medical certificate of cause of death.

Arranging a funeral

To make the arrangements for the funeral you may wish to visit our office or if you prefer we can call and see you at your own home. Together we will guide you through all the necessary arrangements and tailor the funeral to your specific wishes.

The main decisions to be made when arranging a funeral are:

  • Whether the funeral is to be a burial or cremation.
  • Where it is to take place.
  • What type of funeral ceremony.
  • What type of coffin or casket; an extensive range is available to suit all requirements. A colour brochure is available and your Funeral Director will advise you on the costs involved.